Product Liability

Acting for medical products manufacturer and its insurers in relation to various claims for deaths allegedly caused by the accidental transmission
of CJD.

In the 1980s and 1990s, surgical patch products derived from
human cadaveric tissue were used to repair incision wounds. However, a number of patients subsequently died from CJD,
a fatal neurodegenerative disease, similar to BSE.

An association between the use of the patches and the onset
of CJD has been alleged; it is suggested that donors of tissue
used to make the products had CJD and that the infective agent
was transmitted through the products.


Due to the variable, but characteristically long, incubation periods involved a number of cases have only come to light in recent years.

Proceedings have been brought against the manufacturers alleging negligence in the design of the processing methods.

We are conducting the manufacturers' defence, which involves complex issues of causation, contemporary medical knowledge and standards of care and limitation.


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